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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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stopped his pope mobile several times to kiss children. earlier on the 62nd anniversary of his entering the priesthood the pope celebrating mass in revolution square. >> in new york city the nypd has began putting up barricades as it prepares for the biggest security challenge ever between the pope, the crowds and nearly 200 heads of state here for the general assembly. jim hoffer has the latest on all the of the secret preps in central park with our lead story tonight. jim. >> reporter: you said it, this is the week when new york will face the biggest security challenge in its history. today at city hall it was all confidence and calm. >> at saint patrick's cathedral where the pope will hold an evening prayer service thursday there's no signs of security. he'll be staying here during his visit. huge multiton concrete barriers and vehicle barricades
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the upper east side townhouse will be as protected as the white house, perhaps more so. >> the mayor said the city is ready. >> a lot of measures you will see and a lot of measures you won't see. that means things are being done right. i feel very good about where we stand right now. >> if there was any nervousness about security the mayor wasn't showing it and neither was the police commissioner who said there is no credible threat against the pope. he was asked if if unprecedented amount of resources going into protecting the pontiff will leave some recently crime precincts without patrol. >> the pope's visit will not interfere with any of the coverage we have in our various precincts. >> while only in the city for about 40 hours the pope will be on the move from the world trade center memorial to a catholic school in east harlem to a 12 block ride through central park
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any time the pontiff could go off strip and cross security barriers and wading into a sea of people. >> whatever he chooses to do we will do our best to accommodate and protect him throughout. >> reporter: the fbi secret service and nypd have done the worse case scenario deals including power outages, explosions and build collapses. now it's time to get the security barriers in place. >> not far from central park, security for the vatican arriving tonight where the pontiff will stay. his doctor requested that all meals adhere to his diet. cardinal timothy
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>> i have some rehearsals myself for the prayer and the worship. i want to make sure we have everything right. >> the pressure is on. at madison square garden the pope will celebrate mass with 20,000 people expected. there will be 56 confessionals set up there. >> get ready for gridlock. here's a have you area few areas you might want to avoid, 77nd between 5th and madison, in around and the cathedral, around the u.n. on the east side and around madison square garden in midtown where there will be a mass on friday night. those are just a few of the areas to avoid. stay with eyewitness news and abc 7 ny for complete coverage during the pope's u.s. visit. it begins with live coverage of the pope's arrival at andrews air force building tomorrow at 4:00. we're going to turn of the
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former tennis star james blake just had a face-to-face meeting with mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton. this comes after he was pushed to the ground by an nypd officer outside of a hotel many midtown. darla miles has more from city hall. >> feel good. feel like we're make ing ing -- make progress gresz -- making progress. >> that's all james blake would say as he entered city hall monday afternoon. he made it clear he wants the nypd officer seen taken him down taken off the police force. >> i'm not going to speak to that at all. i'll be making that final determination. >> that officer has been on modified duty for almost two weeks now every since he mistook the former tennis pro for an identity theft suspect at the grand hyatt many midtown. >> he's a prominent person and
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this was a particular incident. the bottom line is the changes were already moving and that's what i want to explain to him and all new yorkers. >> this was a meeting requested by mr. blake through his attorneys. >> what's on mayor de blasio's mind is letting blake know how the department has already made progress, retraining the 35,000 officers in the department. >> that's been underway for the past year. i'm very partly -- proud of the chains we're making. >> training the officer in this video did not receive. >> he did not go through the most recent 3-day in service training we have been providing. we're putting the last 13,000 officers through that training still. >> that was darla miles reporting. this is live pictures of james blake who just emerged from that meeting. he's talking to the media. we are
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this when we -- we're going to have much more on this story tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. a broken rail is causing problems for subways tonight. the problem is between 125th and 72n't streets in manhattan. there's no b service in manhattan and the bronx, also a and d lines are running local service only in some areas. speaking of the bronx, cops tonight there are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a taxi driver over night. as police try to solve this cold-blooded murder the victim's grieving family is trying to deal with a terrible tragedy. tonight his pregnant wife talks about the baby the driver will never know and their children who just lost a father. tim fletcher has the latest. tim. >> reporter: bill, that tragic murder occurred here on this block in belmont. the car crashing into that hair salon over there. police believe that it was the passenger who shot and killed the driver. at that time right before he died he was actually talking on his cell
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phone to his brother-in-law. >> i was on the phone with him and he told me the guy had a gun. i said be careful. he said okay. >> augustine mampassi was talking with 39-year-old mamadou barry who had just told his brother-in-law that a passenger had a gun on him. >> i called him back one time and he didn't pick up. the second time, five times nothing. then i seen something up. >> here at east 189th street mamadou crashed his taxi into a parked car and building. when police arrived they found the 39-year-old slumped over the wheel shot to death. >> he picked up this fare in the south bronx and redirected him over to the parkway and that's where the homicide occurred. we'll have video hopefully in the next couple of hours. >> investigators believe mamadou picked up a straet street ride.
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>> he was kill ed for working and someone else wanting to take his belongings. this is unacceptable. >> his family, wife and sisters come together to mourn his loss. >> he's the best husband anybody would ask for. he's the for. everything. >> mamadou who came from west africa 15 years ago is the proud father of three children. he and his wife married 7 years ago and are expecting their fourth. >> he was always happy and always smiling. he was a very good man. >> reporter: again, police have video and we're waiting for them to release it in hopes of seeing the suspect. tim fletcher, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> that's the 8th person since saturday to be killed in new york city by gun violence. the shooting spree landed a
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7-year-old girl from the bronx in the hospital with a gunshot wound to her ankle. arianna maldanado was grazed by a bullet in a section of the bronx sunday night. the intended target is still unknown. >> the police and the ambulance came and took me to the doctor straight like that. it burnt me. >> i broke down and i was like, i'm sorry, baby, this had to happen to you. >> despite that scare she's in good spirits and said she's looking forward to going back to school. breaking news to tell you about. republican scott walker dropping out of the the race for president today. he ran on a conservative platform. lately he's been towards the bottom of the polls. he ran out of money according to sources. walker will continue his term as wisconsin governor that lasts through 2018.
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the dow was up 125 points, the nasdaq more than a point and the s&p 500 up nearly 9 points. just ahead on eyewitness news this monday night, a police officer charged in a wrong-way crash that killed two of his passengers including a fellow officer goes to court for the first time. >> always ahead, a pair of bears roaming through several neighborhoods in new jersey. tonight there's a warning to homeowners. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. the coolest day since late june, only the lower 70s. we'll let you know if any of these sprinkles will reach the ground.
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a police officer from new jersey who was behind the wheel of a wrong-way crash surrounded pedro abad is still recovering from the accident back in march that killed a fellow linden police he was partying with his friends when he drove head head on into a semi truck. we're still trying to hold onto summer but if you were a bear you're getting ready for winter. >> no surprise bear sightings were reported in new jersey, two of them this weekend in the town of wayne. >> bold bears like right on here's new
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jersey reporter toni yates. >> he was walking across the street. very surprised to see him walking across the street. >> so of course kevin scott grabbed his cell phone and snapped off a few pictures. the police were notified. >> yeah, the police showed up. they were chasing him from yard to yard. he seemed to elude them but hopping over the fences . >> he's god at that -- he's god at that. >> i went on facebook -- >> where scott's wife saw him. >> i first saw facebook. found out about it. >> so did neighbors who today were on their regular walk around the neighborhood. >> so unheard of. scary. we're walking around with our eyes wide open today. it's a beautiful day but we would we're still going to walk. >> wayne police are aware. they say a bear cub was also too. they're keeping an eye out though they're not too concerned
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>> it's the season. the bears are get ing ting ready for winter and they have to get themselves through winter. >> we have two black labs and a fenced in yard we always thought was safe. if the bear is going over the fence the dogs are in some type of jeopardy now. >> precautions always stand, make a loud noise and don't go near it. hopefully he will make his way back to his habitat for the long winter nap. >> don't go near the bear. >> make a relevant ally loud sound. just ahead something rare for apple. a warning about apps infected with a virus. >> it kind of felt like fall out there today. but lee said
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hackers making their way into apple app's stores. the company released a program called x code ghost that infiltrated 344 apps. the system that runs the ios and mac apps, they removed them from the store and are working with developers to create new versions. you're not saying anything. >> no. >> you're try ing ing to be diplomatic. >> i'm not an apple guy. >> i know that . that's why i said that. there's some light coats out there. >> did you wake up the members there only, buddy? >> [laughter] >> i'm the only >> outside we go . >> why me? >> i love that. >> they're still make
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them. folks definitely is their it's a little cooler. t-shirts anymore. 70 degrees, the air is dry. that's why the radar is not making it to the ground with what we see. the high only 72. that's close to average. we have been so used to september being 10, 15 degrees above average we're still on pace for the warmest september on record. the sunset tonight at 6:56. feels like fall for summer send off but feeling like summer for autumn's arrival. the cloudiest day tomorrow. 62 milford. a few showers over pike county. 70 dumont. 64 in belmar right now. lots of clouds over night . some thin spots in the clouds at times tomorrow. you see the
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middlesex, summer set county. it's not reaching the ground. these showers maybe higher. this is all going to dry out. it's running into a brick wall of high pressure. this area, more impressive air of rainfall is starting to wither a little bit. it's going to hang out off offshore. that cold front is due in here later thursday. ahead of that front look what's happening across the northern planes. in the 90s in the da ka tos. more sunshine to usher in fall and 80 degrees. here's your accuweather forecast. mainly cloudy over night, breezy and cool. maybe a couple of sprinkles around. brighter north and west. tomorrow 72 to 74 degree day. 40s north and
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arrives at 4:21 into the morning on wednesday. i'll have an update on the rain at 11:00. dry for the pope here, maybe not in philly. rob powers with sports. >> we'll talk baseball. the yankees and mets move with on their schedules and from each other after a weekend series. a second straight 4th quarter collapse for the giants. they can't finish games and have two losses to show for it. the jets play tonight.
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two weeks and counting left in the regular season. it's exciting. >> it's going to go down to the wire. the pennant races pick up for each local teams after they played each other over the
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weekend. the mets first place lead is now 6 games. the yankees pulled it within 2.5 game os of their division lead and still lead the wild card race. that's how it shakes out after the yankees took two out of three. matt harvey taken out after five scoreless innings. the mets are limiting his work after the playoffs. the yankees took advantage. they scored a ton of runs and won 11-2. the yankees are set up for toronto. >> we have not played particularly well against this club and we know they're dangerous but we need a good series. >> it didn't go our way but there's still some baseball to play and i'll be ready to go back out there. >> the sudden need of proving to fans they know how to finish football games the giants are 0- 2 getting ready for their thursday night night. they lost
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to the falcons 24-20. up 10, eli manning fumbled at the falcons 9 and atlanta scored and scored again to win the game. the giants lose. they let two games slip away. thursday night they play the redskins. >> we talk every week about finishing. that wasn't a finish for me. we talk about don't keep score. i'll let you know when the game is over. >> we need something to get a break and make our own breaks and start playing better. >> plenty of big plays on nfl sunday including this one from carolina qb cam newton. up and in for the score that made the panthers 2-0. how about that? you know, 45 years ago tonight monday night football debuted on abc. the first game was the jets at cleveland. tonight the jets are at indianapolis to face the colts. arriving at lucas oil stadium this afternoon the jets are ready. they feel like they played a month ago. the jets
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try to push their record to 2-0. it will be a big test on the road against a playoff team led by quarterback andrew luck. >> they can run. they can beat you with their brain, his arm, his feet. he's one of the best in the league. we got our work cut out for us. >> he's in my top five. he's definitely in my top five. >> so the colt s tonight on wpix, channel 11. game time is 8:30. finally from us it's that time when we glance into the football future. it's time for the powers pig skin prognosis. here we go. it's the jets and the colts, a super bowl rematch. all right it was super bowl 3 back in 1969 but work with me here. the jets coming off the win over the browns, forced five turn overs and scored 21 off those turn overs. tonight they go to the flier.
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luck arrived in 2012 indy has lost back to back games only once. make it twice. we're going jets on the road 20-17. they win it. i guarantee it. not really. as always your results may vary. >> somebody may guarantee it. it will not. >> i'm keeping track. >> are you going to hold a giant game against me. i should have won a shot against you. >> you're right. i'm sorry. i celebrate with you. >> a little upset there? >> just a little bit. coming up tonight at 11:00, caught on camera, a man swiping packages after doorsteps in one local neighborhood. you will hear from one victim about he stole and what he left behind. using e cigarette to try to quit smoking, does that help? new research tonight at 11:00. that's it for us for now. thank you for watching. i'm bill ritter.
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